Mar 24, 2009

Aquariums by 2nd grade students

1. Start by showing them a video of a real aquarium, and comment on what the fish and plants are doing.
(moving, turning, bouncing)

2. They were asked to go to the library to look at pictures of sea animals that they wanted to draw.
3. Using the paint editor they drew one fish.

4. Copy the costume and change little details (mouth opening, fin moving, eye turning etc.)

5. Click on the costumes and show them how it changes.

6. Show them the scripts and let them play with the pieces until the program works (the sprite changes costume forever.)

7. Show them an aquarium program, without showing them the program, and ask them what are the fish doing.... they will answer.... moving! turning! bouncing! changing costume!

You can now show them the pieces that they will need and let them try to put them together until their fish are swimming.

8. Finally create a sprite with the text "Did you know...? ,
record a fact they read about and write a program

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