Aug 24, 2014

Learning to Learn

We are always asking ourselves why it is very hard to learn some subjects while others are no trouble at all. We can all become better learners if we know how the brain works. This is why I prepared a video and a scratch animation to get us started on this "better" learning process.

First, this video will help us understand how our short memory works.  We have 4 slots that will allow information to access the brain.  We must pay complete attention while learning new information. When we are on "WORKING MEMORY" mode, we have 4 slots in the frontal part of the brain.  It is like a blackboard where information in written but it will erase from the blackboard unless we practice many times. This is why spaced repetition is so important.  Practicing a little bit, every couple days will help you move the data from short to long term memory. This video will illustrate how the 4 slot,s where we first accept the data can be used efficiently or inefficiently.
Watch and learn!

Watch the following animation and you will know more about your brain.

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 Thank you for watching.

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